Sea Spring Resort


Seas Spring Resort has a natural source of Sulfur spring water that contains calcium, sodium, sulfuric acid, chloride ions, etc. Bathing in hot water increases the breathing and heartbeat rate and the blood flow will gradually increase enabling more nutrients to be transported all over the body and especially to the skin in order to replace dead cells making it whiter and more moisturized.

Hot air that warmed your whole body is capable to dilute your blood to become less thick, making it moves much smoother in your body. Besides that, it relaxes your muscles, veins, and proficient at countering body pain. It also helps aid rheumatism, neuralgia, skin infections, chronic dermatitis, asthma, and some respiratory diseases. Skin pores all over the body too are forced to open up and this way, it is much easier for your body to discharge unwanted toxins. Your body will definitely feel much better and fresh after the process, especially after a week of hard work. It is one of the many great remedies of fatigue and stress.

Natural sauna emitted out a geothermal heat which is good for the regular circulation of the digestive system and waste removal.

Massage is also available upon request.